Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Planting a positive mind in yourself.

Biz talk at Stockist A30 on 1 June 2011

" It's all in the mind", says Super Crown Diamond Manager Azmir (the highest rank in the Hai-O business and holds a six-figure monthly income) stressed yesterday at his motivational talk at Stockist A30 in Ipoh. You can achieve whatever you have set for yourself in your mind - be it a big house, a big car, big money and whatever else you want in life. Next, make a plan and strategy to achieve it and then translate the strategy and plan into a tireless and concerted action. Shove aside discouraging inputs and ideas so that you can clearly see your goal in perspective. Dreams without actions are just simply dreams.

Emma rajabeautiful, who has made a fortune through her Hai-O internet business was equally motivating in her talk. Though Hai-O has more than 300 products, she specialises only in the ladies' Premium Beautiful. She is already a millionaire and her monthly income is in six figures. She has a big house and a brand new Vellfire is coming. All these she has achieved in just a few years in the Hai-O business.

What SCDM Azmir and CDM Mika have in common? They have a positive mind. They have planted their goals in their mind and have worked and strived to achieved it. They are focussed and hardworking. They are positive and will not allow themselves to be distracted by all things negative.

They are tall and giant figures in the Hai-O fraternity, yet they are not stingy in departing with their formula to success. That is the way in TNPOD 8581. The successes of all will be the bigger success to Hai-O.

Allah S.W.T is always close to their hearts. "Ask for His help and blessing", they said, "and He will grant you your wish."

What an awesome focussed and positive mind!  May their positiveness rub into us and drive us to achieve what they have achieved. Amin.
Some of the leaders from Perak

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